Baekmorae is the leader of the main villain organization, KNIFE. His goal is to get Raptor, a Hero from SPOON, to love him back.


He has white hair and dresses in an all-white suit; even the bandage that covers his eyes are white. However, the bandage does not mean his vision is damaged in any way. When the bandages are off, he is revealed to have orange eyes.


As a villain, he is accustomed to murder and can be serious when he wants to be. However, he is mostly childish and jokes around during inappropriate moments, which is often the reason for Medusa to beat him up. He is most vulnerable in front of Raptor, who is the object of his affections, therefore he wishes to eliminate Haze and take his place.


He had a surprisingly pleasant life growing up even though he lost his parents as a baby. Orphaned, Baekmorae was equally loved by the owner and by the other children, in addition to living in a well-developed town.

While he was growing up in an orphanage, a scientist noticed his purification powers and decided to use him for the military project of immortality. Baekmorae's life started to be manipulated by the scientist, and he was enlisted in the immortality-experiment facility working under the scientist. He was then ordered to watch the experiments, who were mostly mixed humans. Under immense emotional pain, he was then manipulated by the scientist to actually be one of the experiments. Then something happened and Baekmorae killed every living thing in the facility except for Medusa and Orca.



  • Purification: He can cleanse anything he touches, ranging from pollution to bloodstains, this can also affect spiritual phenomena as he did to cancel out the multiple curses Haze put on him. This also gives him immunities toward all diseases. However, since he can't control his power, it is regarded as a part of his constitution.
  • Enhanced Body Capabilities: Having undergone numerous experiments, he now has superhuman strength, agility, and stamina.


  • Baek in Korean means "white" or "one hundred". This name was probably given to him because his whole character is based on the shade, white.
  • He wanted to be a teacher when he was younger but ended up being a scientist after The Teacher convinced him.
  • The name "Morae Baek" is a translation error, in this universe, no one has last names but it seems the translator got confused since he is sometimes called simply "Morae" as a nickname. The author has compared it to Elizabeth going to simply "Beth".
  • Originally his eyes were going to be pink instead of orange, however, this was changed as the reactions were "It looks gay". He also wouldn't look as menacing with pink eyes.
  • He's a vegetarian.
  • He's older than Medusa but it is unknown if he is older than Sewol.
  • Unlike the rest of his clothes, his underwear is not white.
  • The only person in KNIFE who respects him is Lady.