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In a world wherein mythical creatures and humans co-exist together, some humans and creatures abuse their abilities and use it for crimes. In order to provide peace and order for the community, SPOON is created.

SPOON is an organization that is made of heroes that will fight crime and risk their own life for the greater good.

This chapter shows one of the many missions in which our Hero ; Naga is confronted with his team.

Meanwhile Naga's team was tasked to catch a Cheetah-mix thief. When the thief tried to run them down with a motorcycle, Naga disassembled the vehicle with his telekinesis. When the thief tried to run away, Sasa the Crow-mix dropped the ice-cream he was eating to make the thief slip and fall down, hurting his crotch. While they succeeded in their mission, the stolen motorcycle was in very bad condition, earning them a severe punishment from their Boss : Dana.


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