It starts with Redrum talking to an unknown man who is in need of drugs but he doesn't get any so he leaves, switching to the unknown man it is revealed that he kidnapped a girl and is hiding her in the back of his trunk, with the drugs being for her.

Meanwhile at SPOON Dana is investigating the kidnapped girl, leaving the desk she finds Naga and Guineung taking a break. Dana asks if Naga could teleport, with Naga replying yes, Dana orders him to take her somewhere. 

After taking Dana to where she needed to go she talks about the drugs dealers they caught and explains an incident about a missing high school girl who was hit by a car on the highway, the same drugs the drug dealers had were found in her body. Connecting it with five other cases of the same event Dana had found a suspect.

Switching to the kidnapper he explains the drugs were for her not being able to feel anything, while he gets pictures of her getting hit. Back with Naga and Dana they wait for the suspect while making a plan.

After a time skip the kidnapper and girl is at the side of the highway in the bushes, with the kidnapper holding a gun to the back of her head and forcing her to run into traffic. Before getting hit, the girl is saved by Naga, who is shot and yelled at by the kidnapper. Naga is confronted with the gun and attempts to teleport, but is unable to and calls for Dana, with Dana kicking the kidnapper in the face and knocking him out.