Cheongwa is a Frog-Mix servant who works for Osu's family.

Appearance Edit

A Tree Frog-Mix that stands like a human but can also shrink back into regular frog size (usually when embarrassed). He is shown to wear kimonos with longings (either red-yellow, black-white and many varieties.)




Cheongawa's first appearance is in Chapter 32 seen following inside blue bin due to urgent business, he asks Osu to return home. He then remembers when his master forced Osu to wear loose clothes until he walked properly (causing Osu's knees to have scars) In order for him to be in a safer environment but Osu refused his offer.

Personality Edit

His personality is somewhat cowardly, obedient and is very caring.

Abilities/ Powers Edit





• He said he liked Frogboy magazine