Dune was once a hero in POT, which he is the sole survivor. He now works as an inspector for SPOON. He is also a tutor for Naga, the main character.


Dune has naturally curly hair, and sometimes wears glasses. He usually wears a brown striped shirt with a black sweater, which is actually a uniform.


Being an inspector, he usually shows up to scold people whenever there's trouble, earning him the reputation of a nag and a tattletale. He actually covers most of SPOON's mistakes to the higher-ups, including property and monetary losses.

He also has the tendency to focus on his job too much, leading to not consider other people's feelings. For example, he locked up Naga's powers without considering his situation.

He does have a strong sense of responsibility, however, going to Naga's parents personally to ask for forgiveness. He is also one of the most sensible people in the webtoon, with a clear sense of justice. He can sometimes go overboard, however, going to the point where he stores money equally in all of his clothes in case he loses his wallet.

Baekmorae had once summarized him as a weak, nasty, stiff punk, but there is a possibility that he harbors a specific grudge on Dune.

In recent chapters, he has been described by Youngjeong as someone who cries too much. He's become more soft and careful than how he was when he first met Naga.




He has stronger than average physical capabilities, but it is not that distinguished compared to other heroes.

  • Power Cancel: When he smokes from his pipe, the smoke can cancel other people's powers. It is only temporarily, however, and to people with strong powers, it will have little effect.
  • Dunestat

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  • Although he works with SPOON, he is technically part of the government, and thus an outlier.
  • In Korean, Dune's name '듄', can be changed to 'EBS', a popular learning site in Korea, when typed with the Korean/English switch. This is not deliberate, as the author herself has stated her surprise over how well it fits the character.
  • Dune and Dana went to the same high school and are still friends to this day.
  • He is strangely unpopular with girls, the longest record of having a girlfriend being three months.
  • Dune takes selfies.
  • He and Dana both started the hero business when they were in high school. Surprisingly, he has more battle experience than Dana.
  • Dune looks miraculously young for his age, despite being an insomniac, chain-smoker, over-worker, alcohol lover, and a PTSD sufferer. This is actually an inconvenience for him since stores won't sell him cigarettes without his ID. Ironically, Dune had started smoking when he was a high-schooler.

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