Appearance Edit



White skinned, with no specific appearance of pupils. He would appear to be made partially of ice, as he can reattach parts of himself. He has a walking stick that allows him to use his freezing powers.



Personality Edit

He considers himself a noble, but will still do as what the contractors tell him to do. He's more observant than average, as he notices Lady holding a knife before any of the others do.

Abilities/ Powers Edit

  • Freezing: He has the ability to freeze things which he used to stop a roof from caving, he however he doesn't seem to be able to control the ice since he said he wouldn't be able to stop the ice from falling.
  • Regeneration: He has been shown to be able to reattach severed limbs.
  • Combat: He has shown to be a good combatant, he uses a walking stick as his main weapon


Hyena: Contractor that makes him dig rocks and freeze ceilings.


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