A group of high social standing investors of SPOON. Their responsibilities aren't explored very deeply in the series outside of investing government facilities.

SPOON is mainly looked over by Youngjeong until her death other executives left SPOON alone for the most part out of fear of her.


Inspectors are people sent by the executive committee to oversee how things are going. SPOON's inspector is Dune for a large part of the story but later on it changes to Mago.

The only inspectors seen worked under Youngjeong.


Generally members of SPOON dislike the executive committee and how often they'll get in their way for their own benefit(eg. Ramon trying to take Sewol and Lady so they could use Sewol to get younger). As well as how they take advantage of some members (eg. Gote making Naga do additional work for his own purposes)

Baekmorae also seems to have a great dislike for the executive committee and hates getting any help from them.