Gregor is a Cockroach-mix who works for Osu as a part-time bodyguard.


Cockroach-Mix that stands on two legs, but can walk/run faster when crawling. Often wears a white shirt.


In Ep. 61, it's implied that he has gotten hurt many times in the past because of his appearance. He's amazed when Dana hit him with her bare hands, because no one would touch him.


Very modest and aware of his appearance. He cares a lot about others, making sure they take care of themselves. Unlike the others in the story, he's aware that some things are strange, like Dana hitting No. 1


Being a cockroach-mix, he is immune to different kinds of poison.

He has stronger strength than an average person.


  • He scared Orca away from the flower shop due to his appearance and fluttering of wings. Gregor had though he was a customer.

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