Haze is a SPOON hero who likes money a little too much. He works as a team with Raptor and Stell.


He is one of the official hotties in the comic universe. The color scheme for his clothes is white. He has a red Korean charm for an earring.


Haze met Raptor and Stell when he was younger, now dating the former and having both members as a teammates. Before entering SPOON, he was searching for Baekmorae with Raptor and Stell. Because SPOON had the same purpose, and because they are able to gain additional payment as they work as a hero, he joined their organization.


Calm and relaxed, until something pisses him off (ghost, BaekMorae ). As stated before, he likes money a bit too much, and will always look for opportunities to make money. He would go as far as drink cleaning products when it's free(not anymore). He also talks very well, but if you look at it closely, it can be easily countered with logic. He's also a sadist, saying he beats ghosts because he likes that the subject of fear is trembling in front of his eyes. Even so, he is sometimes a nice person. He used to be sassy, but after having a poor stock-market encounter with Unlucky, he dares not to be a sass again. Because of this, he has a fear of Unlucky as well.


He is an occult hero, dabbling with ghosts and charms.

  • He uses Pujok charms as weapons, he possesses different kind of charms. One type he uses allows the objects they are attached to to hit spirits, which he usually puts on his bat or a knife. Another type allows those who rip them to curse others and kill them, but they don't work instantly; they can make them have nightmares so they can't sleep, become unstable by making them see ghosts or make them have terrible luck resulting in deadly accidents. Another charm allows him to create golems by sticking it to the ground, however Haze hasn't learned how to make them properly so he can only make a giant hand which crumbles away if the charm is destroyed, (though he makes up for this by creating multiple hands). Another type seems to keep someone as arrested state, which has a Chinese letter meaning 'arrest' on it. Should any charm be torn, he will know.

Haze's stats. Read clockwise from top: Physical Strength, Stamina, Bluntness, Spiritual Power, Honesty

He is the third strongest in SPOON in terms of physical strength.

  • Haze rushes to see Stell after he gets hurt (Ep. 282 Korean)
  • Haze is done with the dumb ghost (Ep. 52)