Yuda is the president of the entertainment company, FORK, and is commonly mistaken as Dana's brother.


He has an almost identical appearance to Dana with his black hair and narrowed eyes, which gives him a natural aggravated expression. However, Yuda has blue eyes, the sides of his hair distinctly pass his chin, and his dress shirts are non-floral, such as cars and stars. In addition, his outfit composes of a black jacket, tie, and dress pants, similarly to Dana. His black hair is not natural, as also similarly to Dana, he had dyed his blue hair to black as Dana dyed hers pink to black.

He bears great resemblance to male Dana, however, there is a difference as Judas is his own character and has his own female form in Chapter 200.


Like Dana, Judas has a short temper however, he is self-important and brings up his own greatness. He thinks very highly of himself. He likes attention and enjoys hitting on girls. Unlike Dana he isn't popular with men or women.


Yuda was high school friends with Dune and Dana. He continues to be friends with them in the present timeline.


Similarly to Dana, Judas also has the power of super strength and indestructibility. However his strong suit is speed rather than power like Dana's

Yuda also has an inherent talent to find the best potential in upcoming entertainers, which earned him the position as president of an entertainment company.


  • As Dana's birthday is on January 3rd (1/3), Judas' birthday is on March 1st (3/1).
  • Despite looking like siblings Dana and Judas are complete opposites.