Lady is a member of the criminal organisation KNIFE

Appearance Edit

She has blue and black hair. Tied to the side is a pair of butterfly wings.

Personality Edit

She has a seemingly sweet and caring personality, however, this can turn psychotic especially at the thought of losing Naga to someone else.



She fell deeply in love with Naga after he saved her from a man groping her.

Abilities/ Powers Edit

  • Combat: She has shown to be an expert combatant as she was able to hold her own against both Sasa and Etnard. She also uses a knife as her main weapon which she uses proficiently.
  • Superhuman Speed: She has shown to be very fast, she has been shown to be able to move so quickly that even a Sasa, a crow-mix sharpshooter known for his superhuman eyesight, couldn't see her as well as dodge his bullets.
  • Durability: She has been shown to be very durable as she was able to survive giant icicles falling on her as well as being able to fight again a short time later with only minor injuries.
  • Power Detection: She can see the aura people with powers give off.
  • Power Interference: "She can interfere with other people's powers. People whose powers she messes with gets confused because they can't aim or control their strength. Her power allows her to interfere with both humans and animals"




  • Only obsessed with love after Baekmorae told her about his love life.

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