Medusa is the second in command in KNIFE .


Appearing as an attractive young woman, Medusa has blond wavy hair and pale yellow eyes. She wears a white dress shirt and a black high-waisted skirt.


Before KNIFE, she was also a lab worker in the same facility as Baekmorae. After he murdered everyone, Medusa and child Orca were visibly the only survivors and she was prepared to fight Baekmorae when he noticed them. However, he told them he needed members to help him and when he mentioned someone to read to him, Medusa reasoned Orca could not read, write, or feel his arms. After Baekmorae purified Orca's arms, Medusa and Orca agreed to help him form KNIFE.


She has a rather violent personality toward Baekmorae - hitting him when he says or does something stupid. Still, she jokes around as well such as when she was fighting Dana, she comments that if she was a man, Medusa would have dated her.


  • Cloth Control

She can freely control fabric to hold someone down. It is strong enough to not break when a force of a truck pulls on it. It's pretty slow, however, so you can easily avoid it if you keep an eye on it.

  • Venomous Snake

She has a snake living in her body due to undergoing human experiments. She uses it to deliver the 'kiss of death' in close range, usually when she captured someone with her cloth.

  • Enhanced Body Capabilities

She shows a great deal of physical strength as she strangled Stell with just one hand and managed to trap Dana easily when Dana's super-strength was gone. It seems she gained this by undergoing experiments, though it is unclear whether she gained these abilities before or after joining KNIFE.



Medusa's stats. Read clockwise from top:Common Sense,Opinion,Coyness,Vanity,Snobbiness

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