Naga is one of the main characters of the series. He is currently an eleventh-grade high schooler. He was recruited into SPOON by Dana for his amazing psychic abilities. He is in a team with Sasa and Hyena and he is best friends with Sahara and Otter.


Naga has glasses and silver hair and eyes, which he usually keeps closed since he can see through his eyelids. He usually wears his school winter uniform; which consists of a white shirt, a dark brown vest, a tie, khaki pants, and a brown coat.

For the 100th special genderbent episode, Naga appears as a woman. She looks largely the same as regular Naga however she has much longer hair tied back in a ponytail. She also wears a black cardigan instead of his brown jacket, and shorts under her skirt.


Unlike his abnormal abilities, his personality is plain, even stated in the first chapter that his defining trait is he doesn't have any. He doesn't have an extreme sense of justice, the only reason he joined SPOON was for money and volunteer service hours, however he does dislike people who show no regard for life as shown when he got upset at Lady for nearly running someone over, along with being merciless to those who do things he considers unforgivable, like when he refused to help a criminal who was kidnapping and selling mixes when the criminals leg was crushed under a giant rock. He's also rather oblivious, not realizing that Dana was a girl, hence mistaking Dana to be gay for Osu. Central to the series, Naga tends to be logical and good-natured, however he finds his morals tested as he finds out what it is like to be a hero. He inherited his father's great hatred of criminals and wouldn't really hesitate to lead one to the death. Even if he feels guilt afterwards, he does not really understand why. He's an animal lover, as he is shown to get distracted by a large turtle or the thought of being able to talk to dogs.

Background Edit

Naga was born with incredible psychic power from his birth. He has the ability to move objects with his mind (telekinesis), teleport, and see through objects (X-Ray vision). Before joining SPOON, Naga used these powers for convenience in his everyday life such as taking notes with his telekinesis and arriving to class last minute with his teleportation.

As an infant, Naga's powers would be uncontrollable and potentially dangerous when upset. In order to teach Naga that his powers could hurt others, his parents pretended to be severely injured every time a floating object hit them.

Dana and Guineung discovered Naga during a bank robbery. They notice Naga attempting to knock out a criminal with his telekinetic powers, applying a forceful hit to the head and solar plexus. When Naga just decides to destroy all the guns the robbers were using to threaten the hostages, he teleports away, but not before Guineung took note of his uniform and student name tag.

Other than that, he has no outstanding background story, living an average life, with his parents and his two school friends, Sahara and Otter.

Powers/Abilities Edit

  • Telekinesis: His telekinetic ability is extremely powerful, able to lift up entire buildings with ease when it's stated that its rare a person with telekinesis can lift even a truck.
  • Flight: He can fly up to great speeds. It is unsure if this is part of telekinesis or an independent ability on its own.
  • Teleportation: He can teleport to any place he wants. He uses this along with flight to go faster. He can also teleport anything else with him, as long as contact is maintained. However, he seems to have some limitations, as stated in Episode 15 where he said it would take him three minutes to teleport to SPOON.
  • X-Ray Vision: He uses this to the extent of looking past his eyelids. Due to this, he always keeps his eyes closed, which confuses his teacher if he is sleeping in class or not.

Despite his powers, he has little to no physical strength, as pointed out by Dune when he could hardly do ten curl-ups.

Relationships Edit

  • Family
    • Mrs. Naga: Normal Mother/Son's relation. Motherly as a mother would be.
    • Mr Naga: Mr Naga is very strict with his son, he seems to be very worried about his son's superpower and he sometimes reminds him to be careful as these superpowers can kill people.
  • Friends
    • Sahara and Otter: Naga, Sahara and Otter seem to be classmates and very good friends. Sahara and Otter sometimes worry about Naga about his work (even though they don't know he is a hero).
    • Sasa: is the teammate of Naga. He is more experienced than Naga as a hero and is easily worried about Naga when he works too much. Sasa worries that Naga dies at work like his former teammates but he finds it hard to tell him. He does his best as his Senpai.
    • Hyena: A brother/sister and teammate like relation.
  • Mentors
    • Dana: Naga's boss. Naga has a lot of respect for Dana. He thinks it's impossible for her to lose, and is afraid of her when she gets angry. He fell in love with her for about a minute then Dana made a scary face and his feelings were gone.
    • Dune: Dune is the one who taught Naga to use his superpowers for his superhero job. Naga worries about Dune when he gets depressed and defends him when he gets criticized by MoraeBaek.
    • Water Bora: Water completed the learning of Naga for his superpower so that he helps his race to flee Youngjeong.
  • Enemy
    • Baekmorae: Morae wants Naga to become his ally but Naga hates Morae. Naga finds Morae selfish because even though he has experienced some atrocious things, he has never had any regret inflicting pain on others, just hiding behind phrases such as "I did not have a choice".
    • Lady: Lady is crazy in love with Naga since he "saved" her from a pervert. Naga however, very afraid of her because she is a pervert herself.
    • Youngjeong: Young is frustrated that someone (Naga) is more powerful than her but still tries to get Naga to succeed her and give the role to his cousin after that. Naga doesn't want to embark his cousin in this story and is not interested himself by all these responsibilities. This makes Young very angry because she takes the responsibility of the strongest very seriously.
  • ???
    • Number 2: Very awkward relationship since the moment when No. 2 have protected Morae. Naga doesn't understand how No. 2 can love Morae. Despite this, Naga will still save No.2 when he is captured by Young (it may be for Osu and No.1, however).
    • Bidan: Bidan protects Naga (from Lady for example) to apologize for the actions of No.2 and thank him for saving him. She seems to have a little interest in him.


  • He likes Dragon Ball and One Piece. His favorite character in DBZ is Piccolo.
  • He also likes animals, his wish being having a dog he could have a connection with.
  • His favorite fruits are watermelons and tangerine.
  • Naga's best subject is Languages. Subsequently, he's bad at Art.
  • Naga can't handle seeing gory things, he once exploded a computer after watching a scary video.
  • Naga's hero concept is a 'Uniform warrior' and gets to wear his uniform even after he graduated from high school.
  • Amore has stated that there is no one on earth stronger than Naga.
  • He prefers girls with glasses and who look tough.

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