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Nocturne has blue sparkling hair tied, black-white eyes that Satan said resembled the night sky but to Redrum it looked like Dandruff. He's also seen wearing white suit(without tie), blue sparkling shirt , black vest with white pants.


He was shown helping the Director on his project by creating Tracey to acess 'Imortality & '


His first appearance was in Chapter 20, when summoned by Hyeena through the broom. He uses one of his abilties, to seek within Vicky's mind(unconsiness) Vicky explains she stressly worries about her mom.

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•Human Cloning- is by taking piece of someones hair or dna(it's gender can also be changed).


Redrum- Their relationship was good even though she treated him rough, he still loved her to point of mourning over her. He also said that Redrum commited many unforgiable crimes, creatimg many enemies. Amo


• Also has 30 other contractors then Redrum