Number 2. is a member of the FAKE KNIFE


Compared to his brother, Number 2 has slightly longer bangs and messier hair. However, just like his twin brother Number 1., he has light blue eyes and white wings, also standing at 179cm tall.

He's often shown wearing a white lab coat over a light blue windbreaker and black sweats with one white stripe on each side. He also wears black and white slides.



Number 2 has a fun and quite friendly nature to those around him. He has an obsession with intestines, but ironically has a phobia of blood. He also hates nagging, as shown in chapter 99 when his older twin brother, Number 1, calls him to check up on him. He is rather weak mentally, as shown when SPOON came to visit on their day off and when Number 1 told Naga to sit because he was a guest, Number 2 also sat down thinking he can get away from helping his twin clean up.

It the past, it was shown that he had a rather strict and mean personality and majorly disliked humans, thinking that they were incapable of doing such things (however, is curious about them and thinks of them as 'weird' when he had a conversation with one of the orphans). He barely spoke and disliked having relationships with others, but because of the orphans at the orphanage, they helped him open up and become the present bright character he is.


  • Immortality: Number 2's species is immortal, unable to get sick, injured, or get killed. Any physical wounds their species receives will be restored immediately, along with severed body parts attaching themselves back together.
  • Healing: Number 2, along with his brother, possesses more powerful healing abilities than any other healer in SPOON. This is due to the siblings being immortal, meaning the life energy required for healing never decreases.

Trivia Edit

  • He has an obsession with intestines but ironically has a phobia of blood and faints whenever he sees it.
  • On the Korean wiki, it says that Number 2 does not cook because Number 1 does everything. "Cooking is science, and the kitchen is turned into a chemistry room."

Number 2's stats. Read clockwise from top:Healing,Otaku-ness,Stamina,Physical Strength,Mentality