Raptor is a cat-hybrid heroine working for SPOON with her boyfriend and little brother, respectively Haze, and Stell. She used to try to catch Baekmorae on her own before she was enlisted to SPOON.


Raptor is a lean girl with a long purple hair and cat ears on top of her head, which is the only and most apparent characteristic of her hybrid blood. In addition, she wears a combat outfit and goes around in a wheelchair. As Naga states, she looks a bit plain.


She mostly has a smooth and pleasant personality, however, when she gets serious, she becomes cool-headed and merciless. Humorous and outgoing, she sometimes doesn't read the atmosphere. She can also be oblivious, shown when she thought Guineung scratching his neck was due to an outbreak of mosquito bites. She is wary of Baekmorae and KNIFE. She appears to love kids, as she buys Hyena cake just so she would stay on her lap.


As a child she was sold off along with Stell to a retired assassin with three other mixed children. They grew up as soldiers together in a private secluded mountain. One day an escapee from the immortality testing lab was found by Raptor. The escapee made a deal with Raptor's boss which resulted in the children destroying the lab and consequently Raptor sparing Baekmorae.

Ever since he'd show up at their camp every day to see Raptor baring gifts every time. Raptor's friends and boss comment that this is creepy but in the end none of them stop him since Raptor didn't seem uncomfortable.

Eventually Baekmorae found out that Raptor was being abused by her boss and killed him, on the same night Raptor planned to stab him in his sleep for hitting Stell.

At first she is extremely saddened by his death and regrets letting him die but slowly she gets over his death. Because of this Baekmorae tries to kill the rest of her family in order to make her solely dependent on him. However for unknown reasons Stell wasn't killed but instead left in the forest where Haze found him.

She becomes friends with Haze as he looks after Stell for her while she is recovering in the hospital. But during this time Haze accidentally stumbles upon the bodies of her friends and tries to get her to run away with him without Baekmorae knowing. Raptor is unfortunately too shocked to do this and in denial so Haze shows her the corpses of her friends.

Raptor becomes confused and decides to confront Baekmorae. When she does he doesn't deny his actions but simply says that he loves her. Enraged Raptor grabs a shard of a broken vase to stab him but is stopped by Haze who called the police.

Haze stays in a hideout with Raptor as she refuses to go with the police as it is too dangerous for her since she is a hybrid. Haze wants to leave her in a place(he never expands on where) but she refuses to go. Haze will only continue to help her if he gets something out of it so she gives him the mountain and her boss' earnings in exchange for his protection.

After this Raptor and Stell simply live with Haze and his family but it is unclear what happened after this until the events of the story.


She makes her first appearance in Episode 51, where Naga sees her team getting scolded by Dune. She gets introduced to him by Guineung and greets an ecstatic Hyena with a big hug. She is very friendly upon meeting Naga, however along with Haze, teases Sasa for his lisp.

She is in a wheelchair because of an accident that occurred before the story's beginning. Baekmorae's teacher had done something, disabling her legs.

There is history between her and Baekmorae, which the latter is supposedly still in love with her.


She does not have any special powers.

  • Swordplay: With her cat-like instincts, her swordplay is skilled enough for her to survive in a bullet filled battlefield. Because of her legs though, she cannot utilize her skills as much as before.
  • Heightened senses: Because she is part cat, she has heightened smell and hearing.​​​​​Raptorstat




She came to like him as a child because he reminded her of one of her dead friends and since he took care of Stell for her while she was in the hospital. Ever since they've been together and at one point they started dating. Raptor truly loves him however he isn't quite as affectionate towards her.


They are brother and sister, Raptor raised him for all his life, they are very close.



As a child, she liked Baekmorae to the point where she may have even developed a little crush on him, however upon discovering he killed all her family and tried to kill Stell she absolutely despised him. Currently, she abhors him and wants him dead.


Raptor's beta

Raptor's beta

  • In an old official art from 2010 Raptor's left ear was pierced with an earring.
  • As a child she hated roses due to their sharp thorns.
  • It seems Raptor was originally going to be a man and simply a slaughterer but this was back when the nature of the comic was different.