Redrum was one of the founding members of the Immortality Research Center.

Appearance Edit

Redrum has black bob haircut, slanted garnet eyes, seen wearing a dark colored dress. Along with black witch hat, black choker, and a lab coat.

Personality Edit

She is shown to be rough but patient when waiting for Naga.



Redrum had a side business for drugs, which her henchmen failed to protect by saying they are non-violent and letting her broom get stolen since her V.I.P client was a serial killer targetting young women. She then asks Naga to contribute to her grandfather's project/goal for eternal youth and immortality. The project Tracey was a clone of Baekmorae and was able to purify the dirtiest and vile things.

Abilities/ Powers Edit

  • Summoning: is a witch, meaning she has made a pact with a demon. Her contracted demon is Nocturne.



  • Redrum is "Murder" backwards.