Rona is a dog mythical beast who works for SPOON.

Appearance Edit

She was light brown hair which has been put up into a pony tail with bangs parted down the middle and loose hair on either side and black and white eyes. She has three black hair pins arranged in such a way that makes her hair look like a dog. She wears a furry light brown turtle neck and black shorts with light brown high socks and black boots.

In her dog form she takes the form of light brown, shaggy dog over twice the size of a grown man.

Story Edit

First appears while investigating the giant squid Lady had killed. Requested for medical help Guineung after finding his neck covered with blood from his scratching. In Chapter 99 she is shown securing Baekmorae on a stretcher and placing him into an ambulance to be placed under SPOON jurisdiction. Later she helps evacuate the victims of the giant car crash KNIFE had caused. Under Dana's orders, she and Vivian went down to the SPOON basement to fight KNIFE. She fought Medusa. In Chapter 130 she fought against a giant crab with Sasa, Naga, Haze, and Stell.

Personality Edit

She is quite kind, often showing concern for Guineung and comforting Naga after the giant crab was killed

Powers Edit

  • Mythical Beast

As a mythical beast she is able to turn into a giant dog and no longer age

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