Rosy is a SPOON hero along with Sangjae and his girlfriend, Jelina. He is Sasa's role model as a hero.

Appearance Edit

Rosy has narrowed black eyes and messy black hair. He wears a simple dress shirt and dress pants, although, during the pet shop mission with Dana, he was wearing a suit jacket. His height is 179 cm (5'8").

Personality Edit

He has a very light-hearted, sardonic personality that annoys his girlfriend but is familiar to Sasa. He doesn't appear to be very serious and wasn't surprised when he and Dana had found child Guineung as a pet slave-in-training. He can be serious at times when telling Sasa about Guineung's past, but even then, he teases Guineung when he sees him.



During his first day as a SPOON Hero, he and Dana were doing a pet shop inspection, wherein they saved Guineung.

Abilities/ Powers Edit

  • He possesses no special ability but seems to be quite skilled in combat.


  • Sasa: Although not the best of, Rosy was Sasa's role model, and therefore they became very close.
  • Jelina: After Sangjae read Rosy's mind, it is revealed that he and Jelina are dating.


  • After his death, Sasa styles his hair as messy as Rosy did.

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