Stell works with his sister Raptor, and Haze for SPOON.


Stell, despite being a cat hybrid, looks human for the most part. He has black hair and small pupils. To control his power, he wears a gag over his mouth. It's possible that its actually rather difficult to breathe through it as he is constantly wheezing. He also wears a black shirt and gloves with a gray sleeveless jacket. At the base of his neck he has a small hole for creating shockwaves.


He was once sold off as a pet with Raptor, due to their mixed status. There, they were trained to be young soldiers. Luckily, their owner didn't treat them as harshly as others. Stell doesn't remember much of this, since he was still very young.

Although not stated what exactly happened, Stell has a large scar on his midriff. In Ep. 141 it's implied that Songha, possibly during his betrayal, had twisted his sword while cutting into Stell's side, causing a large wound


Compared to the other two on his team, he's the quietest and the most polite. He couldn't even refuse food from Dana, even getting a stomachache as a result. He is extremely loyal, feeling awe while examining every movement Dana or Sasa make. However, this does not stretch to Haze, as shown that he frequently ignores what Haze is saying.

Even though he hardly speaks due to his rather destructive ability, he's pretty talkative.

He is an idiot, even so far as the author calling him 'the most stupid character in the webtoon.' He is simple minded and very naïve. Despite this, he tends to jump right into action whenever something comes up, making the rest of his teammates worry.


He is a sniper, but is horrible at it and needs much improvement.

  • Creating Shockwaves

He can create shockwaves using his voice, although he can't control it, hence the gag. His power is strong, showing that a sneeze can break a wall down.

  • Balance

Even though you can't tell visually, he's part cat, thus making his sense of balance better then most.

Trivia Edit

  • Although his official introduction is in Episode 51, he has a small cameo in Episode 43.
  • He has never gotten scared from any kind of horror story due to his lack of understanding skills. For example, he sympathizes with a running pair of legs, saying it must be hard to run while being disabled.

His cameo


Stell's stats. Read clockwise from top. Physical strength, Stamina, Opinion, Basic Knowledge, Loyalty

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