Swan is a young woman who called for assistance when her sister, Denev, tricked the town they reside in that she was an angel.

Appearance Edit

She's a tall girl with long white hair, silver eyes similar to her sister, Denev. Also is shown wearing a white-yellow long-sleeved dress with a  fur along neckline, head necklace and has white wings.


Her great-grandfather was swan-mix but back then Half-Breeds were rarer in the past. In the past, people lived in hiding out of fear of discrimination. Many envied her family cause of their wings and thought they were the 'Angels On Earth'. Which helped them not get persecuted in past and they live within 'very innocent, pure' mountain village for ages. 


Swan arrives at SPOON, then explains that the problem is her sister, Denev. Who tricks people to think she's an angel, created her own cult, and takes people's money by calling it "Donations" described by Swan. Her mom told her to do something about Denev. Although a few months ago, her mom asked a hero Haze who was recuperating in the village for help. Haze said it was an evil spirit and made her pay for some amulet.

Personality Edit

Swan's personality is described down to earth, open yet honest, and when it comes to her sister, she gets mad over her tricking people and scamming them. In order to teach her lesson, she asks Solomon to embarrass Denev.

Abilities/ Powers Edit