The scientist that founded the Immortality Research Center with Number 2. and the one who experimented on Baekmorae, Medusa and Orca (and Number 2.) in order to create an immortal and invincible god.

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The teacher is a cruel man who thinks only of his experiences and has no problem using his own pupils as guinea pigs.

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He and Number 2. met on the island that Number 2.'s family managed. The Teacher is the first human who accepted to return to a normal life after entering the island, he went there to study immortals in the same way that they studied humans. After that, Number 2. decides to follow the teacher out of the island to study immortality and together they create the Immortality Research Center. The teacher then uses the children that Number 2. raised to have more employees and more guinea pigs. At a certain point, Nocturne also participates in the experiments He and Number 2. end up being in disharmony due to The Teacher not only researching on immortality but also on invincibility, and because Number 2. likes his students, unlike The Teacher. Shortly after that, The Teacher is killed.

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  • A great scientist

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  • Number 2.:
  • Nocturne:
  • Baekmorae:

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