In I Don't Want This Kind of Hero, the universe is a lot like Earth, but with the main differences being the existence of magic. 

Mythical Beast 

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Mythical Beast are normal living things which grow much larger than normal and gain a longer life span, eventually they grow big enough and turn into humans, the theory for this in universe is because humans are the top of the food chain.

Mythical beasts can be a variety of things ranging from plants to animals and in one case an action figure. Although this is treated as an anomaly.


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Hybrids are the children of Mythical Beast and humans, they retain different parts of their Mythical Beast parent and in different percentages. Currently they are more commonly found than Mythical creatures and heavily discriminated against by some humans.

It's shown that most people have come to accept more cute looking hybrids but hybrids of predators or animals that are generally considered scary or disgusting are more looked down upon (see: FORK arc) .

This change in behaviour is very recent and most likely due to the creation of FORK, as you can see in Raptor's flashbacks when going into town she covers her ears and didn't feel safe going into town.

The growth of hybrids differs to humans. In some cases it is faster in other cases it is slower.

They are somewhat aware of what animals in the same species are saying.


Superpowers are a rather common occurrence in universe with most people harbouring some sort of ability which makes them superhuman, this can be something naturally possible due to genetics (Sahara's ability to blend in with his surroundings, Sasa's ability to fly) or something caused by unknown/outside variables (Naga and Naja). There is also a case of superpowers being caused by a disease(Sewol).

Superpowers which are genetic or cannot be controlled(Once again Sahara,Sasa. Additionally Osu and Baekmorae) are not referred to as "superpowers". This is because superpowers cannot be inherited.

Right now in terms of power Naga is the strongest, previously Youngjeong, however all variables considered Amore would be the strongest as they are naturally beloved by all living things and gods,can see all and can force people to repent.

Superpowers are heavily impacted by the users emotions, some powers don't seem too affected by this (Haze) but others can become more unstable or weaken with emotion( Naga and Dana). If a user reaches a certain constant of emotion their power can completely change (Unlucky).

Superpowers can also be blocked. There are some people with abilities to block the powers of others (Unnamed serial killer,Dune) and there are some people who can control the "flow" of superpowers(Lady). The executive committee(Most likely Youngjeong) were creating a gas which could block superpowers for a limited time once inside the body.

Anyone with any sort of above average ability, this can even include singing or drawing are called specialists(not "psychics" which is how it is localised).


While it seems the general public still consider superheroes to be people in flashy costumes and capes. In this universe superheroes work as government officers on a higher level than the police. It seems the requirement to become a superhero is to just be superhuman in some sense or shape, however there are workers who are not superhuman but still work there(Raptor,Sasa).

While superheroes do tend to wear a uniform of some kind (Everyone at SPOON excluding a few select people wear the same thing to work everyday instead of casual wear) they don't wear anything that makes them stick out of a crowd. Superheroes aren't very popular or well known with the general public. For this reason sometimes SPOON agents have to pretend to be police.

Despite this they still get many mundane complaints and tasks which the police would be better suited for,

Despite how common superpowers are many are not strong enough to be used in battle, for this reason SPOON is heavily underpowered with very little workers.

Invincible people

(Localised as immortal god)

Creatures who have been around for an unknown amount of time who never die. There are many different species of this race, in this story we see two: Winged people and horned people.

  • Winged clan

It seems they have been around since even the middle ages, in the past they were deemed to be angels because of their wings in modern day however most people assume they are hybrids.

They consider each other brother and sister and all of them remain in contact even if they live far away. Many of them have lovers or children but they never end nicely as their loved ones always outage them. Sometimes when people learn of their ability to regenerate they are disgusted and stay away from them. For this reason some of them try to avoid letting others find out.

This species specifically gets praised and worshipped as something similar to gods, however they are no where near that powerful. Abilities specific to them are healing.

  • Horned clan

It is unknown the earliest they were around however for a period of time they were held captive for the pearls produced by their blood or tears. Unlike the winged species they do not have the ability to regenerate or heal their wounds naturally. They also don't look human so in the past they were considered to be demons.


A gem created from the tears of horned invincible people. It is strengthened when mixed with other bodily fluids, such as blood.

The horned people primarily use it to capture the specialty of people who hunt them so they can use it for themselves. However because of their nature some of the abilities are useless (Such as one of the pearls they gifted Youngjeong).

Even if the gems break they can use their tears to repair them. But they are the only ones who can fix them.