Vicky is the civilian daughter of an action figure.

Appearance Edit

Vicky has short pink hair, yellow eyes, four ears along with yellow ribbons, and brown uniform. As the daughter of an action figure she also has a pair of small white wings.


Her father was an otaku who loved one manga character that he'll talk to it first in morning and before he'll sleep. He loved the action figure in which it came to life.


Vicky comes to SPOON about her problem of her mom causing so much trouble to point shes constantly worried that her mom might die from tripping from falling over, set food on fire ten times a day which makes her home life stressful (revealed when Nocturne asking she's asleep). The problem is solved by her taking fire extinguisher and moving to the next apartment.

Personality Edit

Vicki's personality is shown to be tired, yet stressed shown by taking it out on a punching bag ( even her dad) in her home due to her mom being clutz.

Abilities/ Powers Edit