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Personality Edit


She is a veteran hero who did over 25 years of field work, and was also an actress in the past. She increased human rights for hybrids and contributed to socializing them. She was among the first generation of heroes working for free, and managed to make the domestic crime and accident rate decrease by over 80%. She was the one who make the decision to make hybrids heroes and pay them.


Powers/Abilities Edit

She has the same superpower as Naga.

  • Telekinesis: His telekinetic ability is extremely powerful, able to lift up entire buildings with ease when it's stated that its rare a person with telekinesis can lift even a truck.

(Flight, Teleportation, X-Ray Vision)


SPOON : Everyone at SPOON love and respect her.

Dune : Dune and the others employees of Youngjeong are afraid of her. Youngjeong seems to be regularly upset with Dune. Dune think of her as a upright and wise person but he doesn't understand why she let KNIFE go.

KNIFE : She deliberately leaves KNIFE alone. She does not want them to be captured.

Songha : Songha betrayed SPOON and joined KNIFE at Youngjeong's request, out of love for her. He protects Morae Baek on her orders.


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